Audi R8 V10 Twin Turbo
1300 HP
Rated engine power

What is done

Turbo kit GoshaTurboTech
Turbines Precision Turbo 6266 Gen2
Equidistant exhaust manifolds GoshaTurboTech
Titanium exhaust system GoshaTurboTech
Intake manifold GoshaTurboTech
Water-air intercoolers GoshaTurboTech with an ice bucket (Ice Tank)
Water methanol injection system Aquamist
Fuel system GoshaTurboTech
Electronic control unit Syvecs
Fire extinguishing system OMP
Differential Wavetrac
Standard internal combustion engine
The standard transmission
Reinforced grip SSP Performace

Best result:

1/4 mile: 9.444 sec. / 251.92 km / h