Leader in the field of car tuning and maintenance.
Today, the company has many international achievements in the field of power tuning and improving the performance of cars. Over the years, the company has gained the necessary experience and knowledge, as well as attracted real professionals in the field of car tuning and maintenance. The main asset and capital of the company are employees who form the basis for the implementation of the most ambitious ideas and projects. Regardless of the initial goal of the client, whether it is a large-scale tuning, or the need for complex repairs and maintenance of the car, each of our guests always enjoys an individual approach both in communication and in solving tasks.
The main goal of the company in the course of service work is their highest quality, and in the implementation of tuning projects, it is complemented by the desire to balance power, reliability and safety. The company organizes the work in such a way that guests feel comfortable and friendly atmosphere in combination with a high-quality approach to Your cars at all stages of work.
The combination of professionalism, commitment to corporate culture and personal qualities of each employee creates a special atmosphere within the company.
Awards and records
2013 year. World record time
In 2013 at the airport of Crete (Greece), this car set a world record for time and speed at a distance of 1 m (1609 meters). The power of the car was 1800 hp. It is noteworthy that the car was equipped with a manual gearbox, so the record from the pilot required an ideal gear shift.
Lamborghini Gallardo
Nera Twin Turbo
1 mile: 20.845 sec. / 409.55 km/h
2014 year. European record time
In 2014, at the UNLIM 500+ Destination Greece away speed festival, which took place at the airfield of Crete in Greece, this car set the European time record for the distance of 1/4 m (402 m). This result was also the 3rd in the world at the time. The power of the car was about 1800 hp.
Nissan GT-R
1/4 mile: 7.810 sec. / 287.65 km/h
The GOSHA TURBOTECH team has been a permanent participant of the UNLIM 500+ Speed Festival since its foundation, and from 2014 to 2017 pilots in our company's prepared cars took first places and often set records.
2014-2017 years.
Team GTT
2017 year. European speed record
Lamborghini Huracan Twin Turbo GTT-BEZZUBIK
In 2017, at the Race 1000 in Germany, this car reached a speed of 353 km/h in the 1/2 mile (804 meters) distance. At that time it was a European record.
In 2018 GOSHA TURBOTECH team took part in several Drag Racing championships in Bykhov, Belarus EDRS/BDRC. As a result of the competition we managed to win 14 cups and the most important, team cup for the first place.
2018 year.
Team GTT
2019 year. Record of Russia
In 2019, Nikolai Korzhov in a car prepared in our company won the 2nd stage of the Moscow Mile with the result, which at that time was a record for Russia. The previous record was held for over 5 years.
Nissan GT-R
1/2 mile: 13.435 sec. / 334.41 km/h
Also, Nikolai Korzhov took an honorable 2nd place in the SMP RDRC 2019 Championship in FSL class in the absolute standings.
2020 year. The record of Russia and Europe
On June 27, 2020, at the RDRC RacePark in Bykovo, Alexey Sagal, in a Porsche 911 Turbo (991.1) car with a capacity of more than 1200 hp prepared by GOSHATURBOTECH, set a new record in Russia and Europe among all Porsches at a distance of 1/4 mile (402 meters).
PORSCHE 911 TURBO (991.1) GTT-1200
1/4 mile: 9.086 sec. / 259.64 km/h
2020 year. World record
On October 4, 2020, at the Fortress Groznaya circuit in Grozny, as part of the 2020 Russian Drag Racing Championship and Cup, Alexey Sagal set a new World Record at a distance of 1/4 mile (402 meters) among all Porsches of the 992 generation in a Porsche 911 Turbo S of the 992 generation modified by GOSHATURBOTECH.
1/4 mile: 9.540 sec. / 228.42 km/h
2021 year. World record
On October 9, Unlimited Fest 2021 took place at the RDRC Racepark in Bykovo. Sergey Nikitin on the Porsche 911 Turbo S (992) GoshaTurboTech – Puncher set a new world record among the Porsche generation 992.
1/4 mile: 9.303 sec. / 235.83 km/h
2022 year. Record of Russia
In early March, Taras Tyurikov, a member of the GAT Racing team, took part in the 10th annual festival Days of Speed on the Ice of Lake Baikal 2022 in an Audi R8 Gen2 Twin Turbo Gyurza car prepared by GoshaTurboTech and Kiwamaru. Taras managed to show an average speed of 124 km/h at a distance of 1 km from the spot. This is the best indicator in the history of the competition and in the entire history of Russian motorsport on ice.
1 kilometer from a place on the ice: 124 km/h
2022 year. World record
As part of the 5th stage of RDRC 2022, Maria Kutychkina on a Porsche 911 Turbo S (992) GoshaTurboTech - Imba managed to set a new confirmed (!) world record for a Porsche of the 992 generation with standard internal combustion engines, gearbox and turbines at a distance of 1/4 mile.

9.252 sec. / 231.80 km/h
9.293 sec. / 228.20 km/h
9.298 sec. / 224.36 km/h

We have repeatedly confirmed that our GoshaTurboTech - Stage 2 upgrade kit for the Porsche 992 is the best on the market. A car that covers 1/4 mile in 9.2 seconds on the track is still reliable and comfortable in the city.
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